The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy welcomes you...

“The study of Taekwondo is not the task of one day,
or of one year...
It is rather the path
of a life time.”

 Grand Master Patrick T. Steinhauser
8th Dan
Founder of The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy in 1975

Training in the art of Taekwondo is more than just kicking and punching...
It is development of a strong mind and body.
Patience, concentration, attention to detail, spirit and humility are essential.

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Photo Gallery
Please note: We don't have the opportunity to take pictures of ALL STUDENTS who were promoted and are in activities. If you have photos and would like them posted, email them to me. We love to show off our Students...

Thank you, Master Fallaha

Email me with photos, questions or comments...


March 2023 Promotions\March Student 2023 Promo.htm 

Smart Kids RULE!!! 

~ December 2022 Promotions 

~ June 2022 Black belt Test and Promotions 

~ Alex ran his first 5K at the Rose Bowl! 

~ September 2022 Promotions 

~ June 2022 Promotions 

~ June Black Belt Test 

~ March 2022 Promotions

~ December 2021 Promotions 

~ 2021 Grand Master Steinhauser and Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Fallaha Promotions  

~ September 2021 Black Belt Promotions 

~ September 2021 Promotions

~ June 2021 Promotions 


March 2021 Promotions to 1st Poom

March 2021 Promotions 

December 2020 Promotions 

December 2020 Black Belt Test   

September 2020 Promotions 

August 2020 Promotions 


March 2020 Promotions  


December 2019 Promotions 

September 2019 Promotions 

June 2019 Promotions  

Diego Kyo-Sa-Nim Dancing Competition 


December Promotions 2018 


~ September 2018 Promotions 


~ June 2018 Black Belt Group photo and Class Promotions 


~ March 2018 Promotions 

~ December 2017 Black Belt Tying and Promotions 

~ December 2017 Promotions and Awards 

~ June 2017 Promotions 

~ September 2017 Promotions 

~ March 2017 Promotions  


~ Kobie and Family at Spartan Race 


~ December 2016 Promotions


~ September 2016 Promotions 


~ June 2016 Promotions 


~ June 2016 Black Belt Test 


~ March 2016 Promotions 


~ December 2015 Promotions and Awards 


~ 2015 Jimmy Kim Tournament 

~ September 2015 Promotions


~ June 2015 Black Belt Test


~ Our Schools 40th Anniversary Party  


~ January 2015 Promotions


~ Diego's Swim Meet


December 2014 Promotions


September 2014 Promotions


September 2013 Promotions


June 2015 Promotions


Promotions June 2014


~  Syan AMAZING Attendance record & Graduation from 5th Grade


Click here for link to Keoni's Talent Show TKD Dance
                               (keep watching it's great)


2013 New Blackbelt Tying Ceremony


December 2013 Promotions


~ June Blackbelt Test Group picture


~ Syan and Thomas Results from the Jimmy Kim Invitational


~ Grand Master Steinhauser presented with an Award of Appreciation from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation by Grand Master Chan Yong Kim


~ Check out new photo in "BACK WHEN"


April 2013 Promotions


December 2012 Promotions (small but mighty!)


Dylan's Special Award


~  Mrs.Izumi's (Jack's Mom) ran and completed a 5k Run


Syan's Mission Project


~  Mr. Brady and Mr. Duke Black Belt Test


~  Photos from TKD Christmas Party 2012


A New place to Train


~ Black Belt tying ceremony, Belt color changes and Promotions


~ Kyra, Amy and Hanna Breaking at their last TKD Test (taken by Mr. Walker)


~ Kyra and Amy with their Gold Medals for "Advanced Proficient" in 2012 California STAR testing

~ Luke's workout


~ Nicolette's 1st Wilson High School Football Game


~ Luke and Family in Hawaii


~ Promotion Pictures Sept. 2011


~ Click here Mr. Dylan Vassberg Graduation picture


~ Test and Results for June 2010 Test 


~ Disney TKD Photos


~ New Students more pics soon!


~ Kyle's Car Project


~ Jimmy Kim Invitational Tournament and Results


~ Group picture from Our School's 34th Anniversary Class


~ Click for photos from Todd & Nicolette's Family Wedding 


~ Kyle's 1st Place Science Project


~ 2009 March Promotions


~ 2009 March Test


~ 2009 Women's Self-defense Clinic in January


~ December 2008 Black Belt Tie Ceremony


~ Promotion at Christmas Holiday Party 2008


~ 2008 Women's Self-defense Clinic in September

Stay tuned for more picture to come...

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Our Photos from Years Past

2004 Orange County Fair

2003 Christmas Party
2003 Jimmy Kim Invitational
2003 Orange County Fair Demonstration
2003 Black Belt Test

2002 Christmas Party
2002 Women's Self Defense
2002 Children's Self Defense Classes
2002 Jimmy Kim Invitational
2002 JKI Referee & Corner Judge Seminar

The Way We Were
Ramdom pictures from years past.

Miscellaneous Corner
Lives outside the Dojang.
Pictures from Red Scorpion Tournament in April.