The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy welcomes you...

“The study of Taekwondo is not the task of one day, or of one year...
It is rather the path of a life time.”

 Grand Master Patrick T. Steinhauser - 8th Dan black belt
Founder of The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy in 1975

"Training in the art of Taekwondo is more than just kicking and punching...
It is development of a strong mind and body.
Patience, concentration, attention to detail, spirit and humility are essential"

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We continue to train safely: 
Social distance, take temperatures, wear masks and wipe down surfaces.... Remember to bring your own water and mask. 

* If you  have any questions email  & please include Student's name or Call Grand Master Steinhauser (562) 533-5305

  To view Guidelines for a Safe Return to Class click here

  For any questions click here  to email us (include Students name)

     Our School Hours:   

  Monday - Thursday      
1st Class:  Check-in time 5:20pm / Class time - 5:30pm - 6:10pm
  2nd Class: Check-in time 6:00pm / Class time - 6:10pm - 6:50pm

    Our School Location:   

  3274 E Willow St., Signal Hill, CA. 90755  *We are located to the rear of the business park.


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 The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy was founded by Grand Master Patrick T. Steinhauser in 1975.
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     Grand Master Steinhauser was presented with a Proclamation from Signal Hill Mayor Forester  click here


   Class Material:   (For your TKD Notebook)

     Documents Section  click here 

   November 2021 Newsletter click here


  Grand Master Steinhauser's publications: (click on the link below to read and print)      

                    "Life is a Series of Moments in Time "


                     "TaeKwonDo And The Younger Student "

                     " Beginning TaeKwonDo Training, Part II  "

                   "Beginning TaeKwonDo "

Email me if there is something you would like to see on our website or if you would like any past or present newsletters. Also check our NEWSLETTERS section for the printer-friendly PDF files. If you can not find what you are looking for email;

** We also offer specialized classes such as; Women's Self-defense, Children's Self-defense and Safety,   Corporate Classes, and Non-violent Crisis Intervention. If you are interested click here. 


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