Christmas Party
December 15, 2001

Folks gathered 'round to look at
school's photo albums.

Grandmaster Kim and Master Steinhauser presented
certificates to Ms. Fallaha, Ms. Tallen,
and Mrs. Encalada.

Ms. (Sophia) Encalada and Mr. Gonzalez
roaming the hallway.

Ms. Razzo and Mrs. Gonzalez celebrate the promotion
with Rebecca O. and Mr. Boren.

Mrs. Godfrey and her daughters, Sara and Samantha.

Ms. Fallaha and David B. stop for a picture.

Among the gifts presented to Master Steinhauser
from the student was a gift of laughter...

...Behold the singing and dancing Kung Fu Hamster!
(He sings "Everybody Kung Fu Fighting"
and twirls his Nunchaku.)