Black Belt Test
June 6, 2003

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Ms. Mitchell and Master Steinhauser
administer the test.

Ms. Diane Fallaha takes Ms. Talen to the ground.

Mr. Boren puts Mr. Trent Steinhauser in a hold.

And now it's Mr. Steinhauser's turn.

Master Steinhauser demonstrates the use of
pressure point on Mr. Steinhauser.

And here is another good spot.

Ms. Smith takes on Ms. Renee Fallaha.

Mr. Lehara goes after Mr. Boren.

Test group lines up for questions.

A hug and a half from Ms. Smith
to Master Steinhauser.

Test group gathered for final pose.
Mr. Trent Steinhauser, Ms. Diane Fallaha, Mr. Boren, Master Steinhauser
Mr. Lehara and Ms. Smith.